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Yes, we're actually drawing together as a team.
If you wonder how, then we can tell you that we share tasks and characters among ourselves.

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ART Trades
We're usually very busy but still we think Art Trades are a great idea.
However please be patient if we need some time for our part! :floating:
Furthermore every picture we do means effort to us.
That's why we do not accept trades for base and typical Microsoft Paint work, sorry! ^^;


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In the following we deal with the criticism which says we did not draw sufficiently “manga-like” anymore.

The thing with the Manga Style... by Dradra-Trici

Let's start at the beginning of it all.
The first time we consciously caught sight of the manga style by watching anime series as small children.
Since we can remember we've always been trying to draw and tell stories.
The way and the style of story telling are – especially in infancy – shaped by what you consume.
On top of our consumption list was Sailor Moon, an anime. One who can look through our collection of childhood drawings will immediately realise that we repeatedly produced many “realistically” drawn pictures. However due to the fact that most series we consumed were in the manga style, in our eyes it was common to tell a story in manga style.
Almost all of our comics were drawn in manga style – apart for a few exceptions which imitated the Totally Spies“- or the „Polly Pocket“ style.

When we started to deliberately produce fanworks, we tried to make a fanart look as true to the style of the series as possible. Some of the products turned out good some bad.
We hit the bottom of imitating the style of existing anime series by imitating the style of the second (and later also third) season of some certain series in which the characters almost assumed chibi shape. (This was about 2007 when we registered on animexx).
Since we were big fans of this series for a very long time, our drawing style looked really... flawed for a long time, too. In fact we had to force ourselves to draw in this chibi-like style.
From time to time we drew pictures of other series after all and it felt like a release.

That's when we realised we had to stop with imitating art styles. Absolutely, otherwise we wouldn't take delight in drawing anymore.
So, we added something... unforced to the imitated style. Something that would naturally come from our pen. This was 2010.
Nevertheless, we weren't stylistically totally free yet – which showed especially by drawing hair. We were “not allowed” to draw hair as we liked to.

Then there was the year 2011. This also was the year when Trici was taught about the topic „drawing humans“ in art class in high school. Two years prior to this there was this topic in Dradra's art class, too, but at this time we were still in the chains of imitating styles of anime series and did quasi deliberately not profit from the art lessons about drawing humans for our own art style.
2011 there's already been the spirit of change with us.
From then on we started to consciously learn from the look of real humans and not of manga drawings.
Bit by bit we've been learning more and more from real humans.

Still there was this forcing power at the back of our minds telling us our drawings have to stay in manga style and cute.

We don't know where exactly this coercion came from... maybe we let ourselves be pigeonholed as “manga drawers” and did not want to break free. Maybe we let ourselves get influenced by the fact that acquaintances of ours completely abruptly gave up on the manga style and utterly changed to the realistic style of art to impress people out of the creative scene (that tend to like only realistic drawings).
Today we don't know for sure anymore.

2013 we broke away from constantly producing fanworks. Since then our own story, our own heart's blood took centre stage.
As a consequence it was clear that there is no someone else's style which we have to orientate ours towards.
We've learnt even more from real humans but still under the constraint our drawings had to stay in manga style and cute.
Especially this “it has to be cute” became a problem. The faces we drew have assumed quite realistic features but the cute big eyes and the too big heads seemed to be unproportional or misplaced. (2014)

Then we tried to eliminate proportional mistakes (the one with the too big heads is really tricky if you have been used to it for a long time!) and...
Well, we don't get that much attention with our own characters yet, particularly not on animexx because everything is categorised by anime series (nearly a chance for own characters there!) and elsewhere on the internet (deviantART, tumblr, google) everything is sorted by tagging (which has its advantages) – and if there's no popular series/character/etc. in the tags, the possibility of a picture being found at all is really low.
Getting seen/detected is the most difficult part if you have your own original story but we'll fight our way through. To us our story is worth this rocky road of getting any attention!
Anyway on animexx we get nearly feedback (aside from a few loyal souls ♥) and on facebook und deviantART there had only been praise for our current art style... until...

Today our only fandom project is our ShikaIno doujinshi (Naruto). The last page had come out in October 2013, that's why we decided to do a new page again. Just for the sake of the Shikamaru x Ino pairing and its fandom.
We expected reactions like joy and happiness about the resumption of the doujinshi and also moaning about the very slow progress (in this case justified moaning!).

Instead, particularly on animexx the new page caused a shitstorm – as it's common to say these days – about the drawing style, which was “insufficiently manga” and “not cute”.
We're actually perplexed that there was only little happy/positive feedback concerning the resumption of the doujinshi (we thank those who did not only lunge at the drawing style!) - in fact there has not been a single comment about the content of the page yet.

Well, apparently we broke away from the coercion to draw typically “manga” and cute. This was a long-term development. People develop. Full stop.
We will not compelled seek some “more manga-like” style. Since that doujinshi is a Naruto doujinshi, we want to bring up that the art style of Naruto is not cute at all either and tends to be a rather realistic manga style. Just to have mentioned this – we don't try to imitate any someone else's style anymore anyway.

In the mentioned doujinshi to us everything is about telling a story about Shikamaru and Ino. Generally we are about depicting characters and telling stories about them.
We have a low opinion of being pigeonholed.

We are no mangaka, we are no realistic drawers. We are just artists that like to create.

Creating characters. Creating stories.

You can try to pigeonhole us, we don't care.
Just like we don't care if we leave this pigeonhole someday.

Our art style is not cute because the story we're working on is not cute at all.

Our art style is more realistic because meanwhile we mostly consume series featuring real actors and therefore we're more and more influenced by the looks of real human beings.
Because the typical manga style abstracts and stylises too much for us to sufficiently depict features we have learnt about real humans.

If we have left the (typical) manga style pigeonhole, then this has happened as a result of development. We for our part like our art style (that is not completely realistic either btw) as it is now and we will not let ourselves be forced to change it or intentionally make it more typically “manga-like” and cuter for one doujinshi.
Accept it or don't accept it.
Tolerate it or don't tolerate it.
We stay true to what we have now – if we autonomously don't develop differently.

Saying this we want to thank all those who remained faithful to us despite fandom quitting, art style changing, etc. ♥
It's nice to know there are certain people – who are supposed to feel addressed now ;33 – that still follow our works and cheer and motivate us with their lovely words!^^
So, thank you very much!

Conclusively, have a nice day to all of you who took time to read this! ;)

Dradra and Trici


Dradra-Trici's Profile Picture
Alexandra & Patricia
Artist | Digital Art
First of all:

:bulletpink: Behind the user Dradra-Trici isn't just one person, but two sisters.

Since we're working on our "projects" (= drawings^^)together we decided to take one account together.

:bulletpink: You can also find us on as Dradra-Trici.…

:bulletpink: You can also find us on YouTube as DradraTrici.…

:bulletpink: We're from Germany, so please excuse clumsy English and mistakes in spelling or language^^'


From 11/27/12:
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Sachi - We can do it! by Dradra-Trici
Sachi - We can do it!
Bullet; Blue tumblr
Bullet; Blue animexx
Bullet; Blue facebook
Bullet; Blue Society6 
Bullet; Blue Instagram *NEW*

Probably all of you know the We can do it!-poster.
This reference picture originally was an American wartime propaganda poster that was supposed to boost the motivation of the working class.
Over time it developed to some kind of icon for female strength and was used to promote feminism.

We chose this picture as a pose reference for our character Sachi because we liked the portayal of female strength.
Sachi was created as a strong girl who does everything to get her will. She isn't intimidated easily and likes to tackle things. 
The impression the poster of the We can do it conveys fits Sachi well, we think Nod 

Altogether, we really like how the picture turned out :D (Big Grin) 
Here and there might be some "rough parts" but most of them are intended since the picture is supposed to look like a simple poster and not like a photograph or something like that  :floating:

We would really love to hear your opinions!Love 

By the way: we have an Instagram account now :floating:

Dradra and Trici

Bullet; Pink Sachiko "Sachi" Tatsuno belongs to Dradra-Trici Bullet; Pink

Bullet; Red You are not authorised to use this artwork.
Bullet; Red You are not authorised to use this character.

Sachi, Katiya, Yuriy - Wanna take a seat with us? by Dradra-Trici
Sachi, Katiya, Yuriy - Wanna take a seat with us?
Bullet; Blue tumblr
Bullet; Blue animexx
Bullet; Blue facebook
Bullet; Blue Society6 
Bullet; Blue Instagram *NEW*

Wow, we did it :w00t: We finished our quiet sponanious Halloween-picture Pumpkin =D (Big Grin) 
We wanted to place Sachi, Katiya and Yuriy in a gloomy, kind of spooky atmosphere. Further we intented to dress them somehow fitting without getting them disguised in costumes. 
Sachi is supposed to represent some kind of fortune teller, Katiya wears gothic style and Yuriy's costume is based on the clothing of the Ukrainian cossack Jurko / Yuriy Bohun from the Polish film "With Fire and Sword" ("Ogniem i mieczem").

Hopefully you like our little Halloween contribution Love  
We would love to hear your opinions! :happybounce:

By the way: we have an Instagram account now :floating:


Dradra and Trici

Bullet; Pink Sachiko "Sachi" Tatsuno, Ekaterina "Katiya" Ilinichna Zastyozhkina and Yuriy Grigoryevich Morozov belong to Dradra-Trici Bullet; Pink

Bullet; Red You are not authorised to use this artwork.
Bullet; Red You are not authorised to use these characters.

Mishenka by Dradra-Trici
Bullet; Blue tumblr
Bullet; Blue animexx
Bullet; Blue facebook
Bullet; Blue Society6 
Bullet; Blue Instagram *NEW*

This is actually only a "just wanna draw anything" drawing. Somehow we came up with the idea of drawing a little child.
The drawing was done traditionally with lead pencil and was digitally coloured later.
For the motive itself is we used a photo reference showing a father carrying his daughter in some nature atmosphere.

The character Misha is actually part of the story we're working on... but we're still writing on the first book, whereas Misha will appear much later ^^;

Hopefully you like the picture Love  
We would love to hear your opinions! :happybounce:

By the way: we have an Instagram account now :floating:


Dradra and Trici

Bullet; Pink Michail "Misha" belongs to Dradra-Trici Bullet; Pink

Bullet; Red You are not authorised to use this artwork.
Bullet; Red You are not authorised to use this character.

We've got instagram now! Who else has an account there?
Come and visit dradra_trici :)

embedded_item1444989055979 by Dradra-Trici

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